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To serve, to serve fully, promptly and efficiently, to serve beyond the terms of contract. 35 years of Professional Excellence
InterManagement Manpower Services Limited
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Clients Only

Our clients consider us their extension in India. They have all the right to access to our data base of resumes and find out time to time the status of their recruitment assignments .It is not necessary to send an email or fax or make a telephone call to us to find out the status. Our clients can login with the user name and password provided by us and it will take a page with exclusive details of their recruitment as such as the date of demand letter, short listed CVs, details of selected candidates, name of the candidates who have accepted the offer letter etc. Some of the countries in Middle East issue block visa ( ie Saudi Arabia ) such companies details of group visa ( Used visas, remaining visas and category of visas etc) details are recorded and upgraded daily.

If you are a client and no username and password is provided to you, please send an email to tharola@intermanagement.com

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To serve, to serve fully, promptly and efficiently, to serve beyond the terms of contract